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What does a hospitality designer do?

"What do hospitality designers do?"

Hospitality designers are essential members of the architecture and design team, responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and effective spaces for guests to enjoy during their stay in a hotel, resort, or other hospitality venue. Hospitality designers specialize in understanding the needs of guests and creating a unique and memorable experience for them.

A hospitality designer begins their work by researching the specific needs of the client, their target market, and the purpose of the facility. This research helps them to create a design that meets the client’s goals and expectations. They may also consider the local environment and culture, so that the design reflects the unique characteristics of the area. The designer then creates a concept design that includes the overall look and feel of the space, as well as the furniture, fixtures, and finishes that will be used.

Once the concept design is approved, the designer will create detailed drawings that include floor plans, elevations, and sections. These drawings are used to communicate the design intent to the contractors and other members of the design team. The designer will also work with the client to select furniture, accessories, and finishes that meet their budget and meet their design goals.

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