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Digitize your property

Digital Twins and Lidar Scanning – A Revolutionary Interior Design Tool

Digital twins and lidar scanning have revolutionized the interior design industry. By creating highly accurate 3D models of a space, interior designers are able to create more efficient and effective designs in a fraction of the time. With lidar scanning, restaurant designers, interior designers, and commercial interior designers alike can easily create digital twins that accurately represent the space they are working on.

The use of lidar scanning allows designers to create digital twins with a level of detail and accuracy that was previously impossible. By taking millions of measurements of a space, designers can create an incredibly accurate 3D model of the space. This model can be used to measure distances, visualize the space, and create layouts that would have been impossible with traditional methods.Not only does lidar scanning allow designers to create digital twins with unprecedented accuracy, it also allows them to save time and money. By creating the digital twin, designers can avoid costly trips to the space to take measurements, which can be a major cost savings. Additionally, designers can quickly adjust the design based on the 3D model, allowing them to make changes faster and with less effort.

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